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Student at Footsteps School stacking boxes in order of size - Pink Tower

About Us

Footsteps is a primary educational institution that provides children with an enriching learning experience in a warm and secure environment.

Our Aim

At Footsteps we  focus on children’s social, emotional, motor and cognitive development, holistic early childhood learning strategies are employed to harness each child’s individual potential.

Footsteps School Principal - Farhana Hussain conducting circle time with students


Believing in our children is our core philosophy at Footsteps. We nurture with utmost care, sensitivity, and above all, respect for one another.


 We believe that a safe, stimulating and adequately equipped indoor and outdoor environment, helps children develop behaviors, approaches, skills and concepts essential to independent growth, creative thinking, self-discipline and lifelong learning. 


 At Footsteps, we are committed to providing high-quality early childhood education that lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Our experienced teachers and staff are dedicated to fostering each child's natural curiosity, imagination, and joy of discovery, while also promoting positive self-esteem, independence, and respect for others. 

All children, regardless of their abilities and limitations, deserve our respect and attention and the right to be educated in an environment that is warm, safe and best tailored to their needs. 


Footsteps School Student building with blocks of different colors
Student at Footsteps School writing at Kindergarten level


The school’s curriculum has been designed collaboratively by leading professionals in the field to seamlessly combine features of Montessori and Early Childhood Education (ECE). The curriculum is implemented by qualified and experienced teachers through an expansive range of resources and materials in the classrooms. This ensures that students benefit from the proven, unfailing academic discipline of Maria Montessori and the experiential activities and social awareness brought forth with ECE principles, promoting holistic development of our students. The combined curriculum nurtures positivity, creativity and critical thinking for  all learners, regardless of  their learning style.

Inclusive Learning

Inclusive education implies that all students in the secular setting are “included” regardless of their cognitive, language, cultural backgrounds.  

Our classrooms and lessons are designed to cater to a diversity of students with curriculums that embrace all heterogeneous populations. In particular, our inclusive school setting provides opportunities for all students to learn in their own capacities. The program enables us to provide the necessary supplemental aids, curriculum modifications and other classroom adaptations that are required to help students with additional needs.

Footsteps School SEN teacher conducting a speech therapy lesson

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